Demi Lovato + Candids (2009)

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I’m going through my old photobucket

And I’m finding so many gifs of Demi and gifs of my friends and so many things for over 4 years ago. 

Talk about trip down memory lane!! 

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Nina and Ian decided that they will have to drug Julie Plec to get the chance to direct an episode just like Paul did (PaleyFest 2014)

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Nina was talking about shooting the Delena scene in the rain from 1x17 in freezing temperatures when Ian interrupted her like he always does (PaleyFest 2014)

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ian and nina being super cute @ paleyfest 2014 

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Paul is describing how they deal with filmmaking challenges during filming (PaleyFest 2014)

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Ian, how many shirts have you had been ripped off of you?

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Confession #1

I have lied and manipulated people to get my way. Apart of me feels bad about it but apart of me is thinking, “wow, I must be pretty good if they believed that.” I don’t do it often, just when I need the situation to be in my favor. 

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Jesus fucking Christ, I think I have a kid.

That was Dean’s kid and no one will ever fucking convince me otherwise.

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